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Hello, I’m James Hester.

I graduated with a degree in culinary arts. Cooking is my passion.

In 2004, I opened up my own restaurant in Northampton. During my first day, I invaded my competitors with cutting edge dishes and new ways to enjoy meals.

Unfortunately, when another bigger chain opened, which catered to all tastes, I was left in the dust.

So What Did I Do?

A friend of mine told me that the Internet isn’t just for MySpace and Facebook. In all essence, the Internet is about sharing information. In fact, the Internet was made for advertising, if one knew how to flow traffic.

This friend of mine, a graduate both in advertising and marketing, and taking up a degree in web design and minor computer programming, made me a website and used the then-social networks to spread the word about my shop.

Eventually, I grew back the number of my customers. Eventually, I learned how to profile and market my restaurant and other food-related companies through my new Internet marketing company.

OxBread Doesn’t Just Focus on Marketing

As a team of 20 individuals who understand that advertising and marketing should know the art of cooking and culinary before making an effective sales pitch, we understand what your company needs.

The Internet’s bread and butter are social networks, search engines and image searches. Optimising your website and online profiles to be the first in the search results, noted as a trustworthy brand and website and creating campaigns that could help you get started for Internet marketing is essential.

Of course, all our industry secrets, developed with companies for SEO Northampton has, are well-kept industry secrets.

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